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Public services

Kilkis Community Centre
Krankenwagen Pentalofos

'Help in the house'

Logo Pentalofos Polikastro, Tel. 23433-50524

If you have a health problem, e.g. you can hardly walk and need help at home, you can get support at 'Help in the House'.

'Help in the home' provides support, for example:

  • If you need medication and cannot get it yourself from the pharmacy.
  • If medication needs to be administered on a daily basis.
  • If you need help with eating.
  • If you need help with daily body washing.
  • If you cannot cook for yourself and need a hot meal brought to you every day.

Enquire and make a request

Please call 23433-50524 to find out how to apply for assistance.

Krankenwagen Pentalofos


Logo Pentalofos EKAB Kilkis /

Hospital 1, Kilkis
61100 Kilkis

Tel. +30-23410-76202 and

Tel. +30-23410-20907

Sprechstunde Pentalofos

Medical consultation

Logo Pentalofos Community Center Omalo and Community Center Pentalofos

Once a month a doctor comes to the community center in Omalo and in Pentalofos. Without having to travel far, an initial diagnosis and medical consultation is possible here.

The appointment is often in the second week of a month. In Pentalofos it is announced over loudspeakers in the village.

Logo Kilkis Community Centre

Kilkis Community Centre

Logo Pentalofos In Axiopoli, über dem К.А.P.I.

The community centre is open to all citizens and offers:

Information on social services:

  • Benefits and eligibility
  • Facilities, services, programmes
  • In the community and/or region

Assistance with:

  • Referrals for welfare and inclusion programmes (local, regional, national, e.g. Social Income Solidarity or European Aid for the Needy)
  • Counselling services e.g. job search,
    entering the workforce for young people
  • Domestic violence or family dysfunction
  • Legal issues, learning support for children and young people
  • Organising local events with educational, informative and social content

Special services:

Community centres with branches for Roma and/or immigrants can be approached for specialised services for the respective population groups.

Logo Kilkis Community Centre Regionalverwaltung Paionias

Gemeindezentrum Kilkis

Platia Paulus Mela 1
(above the К.А.P.I)
61400 Axiopoli

Tel. +030 23430 33151 - 33152 - 33154



Kévtpo Koιvóτnτaς Δήμου Παιονίας

Opening hours:

Monday to Friday,
7.30 a.m. to 3.30 p.m.

Drinking water quality, Trinkwasser Qualität

Drinking water in Pentalofos / Omalo

Logo Pentalofos D.E.Y.A. PAIONIAS /

Tel. 23430-200401

Ε-Mail: deyapaionias.gram@gmail.com

Water supply in Greece is the responsibility of the state.

The public pipelines for drinking water in the municipality of Pentalofs/ Omalo are managed by D.E.Y.A. PAIONIAS.

The water quality is tested at regular intervals at the water intake and in the public pipes leading to the villages.

The drinking water of Pentalofos, Omalo and other villages in the area is supplied from a spring on Mount Paikos. The spring provides water of very good quality. So we have one of the best drinking water of whole Greece.

In case of damage to the pipes

If a public pipe is damaged or there is any other problem with the water pipes, please call: Tel. 23430-20040

Watering water, Gießwasser für den Garten

Watering water in Pentalofos

Logo Pentalofos Iannis Penkis Tel. 6973-487259

Logo Pentalofos Kiosi Konstantinos, cashier: Tel. 6944-184230

The water is taken from the cistern above Pentalofos.

A group of 5 people take care that the irrigation water flows into the village.

They regularly check the condition of the cistern, the pipes and valves and arrange for necessary repairs. During the watering season, the valves are opened twice a week.

All costs for material and the compensation for the regular opening of the valves are financed with the contribution per house for the water.

The responsible group determines the amount of the annual contribution per house. The amount of the contribution depends on the size of the irrigated plots.

The annual contribution is paid to Kiosi Konstantinos by September each year.

If you have any questions, please call:

Iannis Penkis

Tel. 6973-487259 or Kiosi Konstantinos Tel. 6944-184230

Power lines

electricity supply, Γραμμές ρεύματος, Stromleitungen

Power lines in Pentalofos / Omalo

Logo Pentalofos D.E.I.

Tel. 800-4004000

The power lines in Greece are managed by DEI.


Even if you get your electricity from another supplier or generate your own electricity for your house via photovoltaic power: DEI is responsible for the power lines in public areas up to the main connection at your house.

If the lines are damaged

If a public power line or the power transformers are damaged, please call the toll-free number: Tel.  800-4004000

Müllentsorgung Pentalofos

Weekly emptying

Every Wednesday the bins are emptied in Pentalofos and Omalo.

Waste disposal, Müllentsorgung Pentalofos

Blue recycling containers

In Pentalofos there are three blue rubbish containers for recycling plastic waste: one container on the Platia, one container each on the road downhill and uphill.

Toula Tsiali has already asked for more recycling containers.

If a blue container is already full, please put the rubbish next to the bin. Under no circumstances should the rubbish be thrown into the forest.

Bulky waste, Sperrmüll Axiopoli

Bulky waste

Logo Pentalofos Axiopoli Tel. 6971-766156

Chairs, tables, mattresses

If you no longer need these small items of furniture and wish to dispose of them, please call the Axiopoli bulky waste number: 6971-766156.

These pieces of furniture will be collected. Place them in front of the house on the street by appointment. The collection service is free of charge.

Electrical appliances, sofa, iron, metal

... can be brought to Axiopoli for disposal. Unfortunately there is no collection service. The disposal is not free of charge.

If you have any questions about waste disposal:

Logo Pentalofos Axiopoli Tel. 6971-766156

Litter in the forest, Müll im Wald

Litter in the forest?

Isn't nature beautiful? Many envy us for that. Mountains, streams, fresh spring water, meadows, fields ... enough space for people and animals. And what else can be found on roadsides, mountainsides and in the forest? LIT!?

Rubbish on the roadside and in nature?

We often find bags, plastic film, bottles as wild rubbish dumps at the roadside and in the forests. Plastic is only very slowly ground up and decomposed by wind and weather. It remains in the soil and water for a long time, sometimes for several generations.

A look into the future - when will the rubbish be gone?

A plastic bottle takes 500 to 1,000 years. A beverage can 500 years. Even the simple paper cup for coffee takes 50 years. The thin plastic bags in which vegetables and fruit are packed take 120 years. A glass bottle takes a tremendous 50,000 years to disappear. Waste oil residues ...? Eternities.

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