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Gemeinde Pentalofos | Omalo
Kreis Paionias Kilkis
Zentralmakedonien | Nord-Griechenland

Kirche Pentalofos, Εκκλησία Πενταλόφου

Feiern und Feste in der Region
Tradition im Dorf


Gutes aus

Platia online is a site with up-to-date information about the village and the municipality. Here residents and visitors can find news. At the same time, an archive of important things concerning the village is being created - from dates to contact lists of local suppliers to projects that we have already implemented or would like to implement in the village. Suggestions and ideas are welcome.

Logo Pentalofos

Toula Tsiali
Dorfvorsteherin Pentalofos/ Omalo

Pentalofos KilkisViehzucht
Kloster Nikodemus PentalofosGeschützter Weinbau
Pentalofos, Kilkis